Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a request.

This Thursday (in two days) Jason and I are taking Denver to get an MRI. I would really like to say that I am 100% at peace about this, but I can’t. I just can’t say that.


About…hmmm, I guess it was in May Denver went to his 2 year check up. At the check up; his pediatrician noticed that Denver had a strange bump on his forehead. Nothing very noticeable, but his forehead was asymmetrical. Dr. McGehee sent Jason and Denver directly to get an X-ray done. (and BTW, Denver DID NOT like that). That was a Thursday. I left work to meet them and had the x-ray done. Friday morning I was waiting on someone to call with the results when I got a call that the radiologist wanted us to come back in for a second test….as soon as we could get there. Although the nurse that called did say “there was nothing to be alarmed about” … when they tell you as soon as you can get here, you tend to kind of freak out. So we went. WE had 2 more x-rays done, and went home. We got the results later that day that the x-ray was normal. Dr. McGehee wanted us to follow up with a geneticist. Since Denver has neurofibromatosis, he wanted to just make sure it was nothing NF related. So we did….and I heard a lot of stuff that I already knew about NF. I showed the doctor the bump on Denver’s head and she said that she had never seen anything like it.

“Wow – thanks for the comfort…”

She suggested getting an MRI. So that is where we are now. We will be at Cooks bright and early (7 am) on Thursday. It’s a feeling like no other. I am scared to death. I don’t even want to type the thought that go through my head of what could happen. That little boy is my life and even the slightest fall, or bump or bruise hurts me. (You moms know exactly what I mean)

I write this as a plea to you. Please pray for him. Pray that God will give Denver health. That God will be sovereign and continually have his hands on Denver. If you need to mark you calendars, tie a ribbon around your finger or write it on a post-it as a reminder to say a prayer…please do it!

Anyway, that is my post for now. Have a splendid day!


Anonymous said...

You know I am praying for our sweet boy! Love him sooo much! Try to not freak (if it's possible) and pray and remember God's hand is in all of this. I love you! It will be fine and I am here.

Love u!!!

Misty said...

thanks for the info Katy, had no idea this was going on. i will pray for Den, i love him and you guys bunches!

Stacy Ann said...

Oh I will be praying for him!! Best wishes, pray that everything works out!!!

Anonymous said...

As a mother I am misty eyed for you. God will take care of Denver! I pray for the best outcome. Mel B.

LaShay & Steve said...

KATY! I've got you on my blog page now! YAY! It was SOOO good to see you and your sister (and ya'lls husbands of course) last week! Man, it's been WAY too long and I miss ya'll! I can't believe you didn't tell me about Denver! Know that we'll be praying for him and for ya'll! Keep me posted!