Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally! A Room is finished!

ok, not really. It is about 98% Finished... I need to get stuff on the walls, get window fixtures for the bedroom and change the window fixture in the bath too.... but THAT is taking FOREVER! So, without further ado... Here is the master bedroom, before and after!

Its somewhat hard to tell total difference without any furniture in the before picture, but here is the AFTER!

The walls went from a plain {and quite boring} beige to a very nice grey. I'm not one for bight, flashy colors... but I do need a little bit of character and beauty. We changed out the fan/light fixture and also added a door to the bathroom. (Funny thing, we didn't even notice the bathroom DIDN'T have a door until after we moved in... We actually decided to KEEP the green carpet in the bedrooms.... IT'S SO STINKIN' SOFT!! We just couldn't get rid of perfectly good carpet in the bedrooms. {no worries, its out of the living and dining!!!}
The Victorian couch is a beauty from Jason's late grandmothers home. Its gorgeous and I love having things in our home from generations of family. The bed is a find from craigslist and is from Bombay. Soon, I'll have something nice and pretty above the bed, as well as scattered along the rest of the walls. {There is a lot of wall space}. I'll also add some curtains, but not sure what I want yet. I'm not the greatest at the curtain thing...

NEXT is the master bath. I think I just want to change out the curtains here. I just kind of threw these up there because I had them... I'm not diggin' them too much...

The walls here were yellow. Now don't get me wrong... I like yellow. It was my wedding color and it looks great in my parents home...but it's not for me...SO, here is the AFTER!

I also want to find a cute small chandelier to replace the little midget fan in here..
I recovered the cute vanity chair that I also found on craigslist... and the walls are a darker gray color. I love the way it looks with the white. I'm sure a few things may change here and there, but this is about it!!

Here is a sneak peek for the family room!

Can't wait to finish up in there and show you!! I'll post the kiddos rooms next!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We're In...

We are officially moved in and unpacked!! Most things are in place (and were before Christmas) and put away. We are still waiting on our new stainless appliances to arrive, and once they are here, it'll start to settle in that this is our new HOME!!

We have already began the renovations. Just a few small things, but making a HUGE difference. For now... you get a sneak peek at a few before pictures. Once we have more done, I'll be posting the after pictures!!

Front of Home
 Kitchen & Breakfast Nook - GREEN Cabinets...will soon be a lovely dark brown
 Family Room - The GREEN continues into the crown molding. That'll go away too!
 Entry / Dining / Formal Living - Um, yes... the carpet is green. IT will be replaced with hardwood
 Master Bedroom - Green carpet... And if you can believe it, the walls used to be RED... We'll paint most of the house
 Master Bath
 Brita Bug's room. Will paint. B & D share a jack and jill Bath. LOVE THAT!
 D's room. He loves his very own desk!

Thats all you get for now!! There will be lots to show!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HELLO (hello....hello...hello....) THATS an echo....

SO... um... HI! Its been a while and I'm not to sure I remember how to do this.... From my last post... you'll see that I've been busy blogging on Prayers for Baby Cooper.... and not this one. Sorry, priorities people! :-)

Onto new things... Remember THIS POST????? Well, guess what... ITS HAPPENING!! J & I have sold our house and bought a new one! We close on both FRIDAY (Yep, in 3 days) - and will move in to the house that I've drooled over since April. I truly believe this house was meant to be ours! And God is so good in letting us have it...and a WEEK before Christmas, too!! I could not have asked for a better Christmas!!!

There is a lot to do to this house before we make it our home.... We will be doing LOTS of updates and I hope to take you all along for the ride. (You know, the 2 of you that might actually read it!) I'm talking green carpet, green cabinets, and awesome light fixtures that need to GO!! REALLY!!  I can not wait to put all of my amazing Pinterest finds to use!!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooper Grayson

Check out my new little nephew, and please keep him and his mam and daddy in your daily prayers!

prayers for baby cooper

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Can you believe it? It is already May... WoW!! I really can't believe it... That means in just 3 short days, we will celebrate my baby boys 5th birthday, quickly followed by my.... (UGH - must I say it) 31st birthday.... then not long after that is my baby girl's FIRST birthday. Wow-ZA I can not believe it. Where has the time gone?
I will tell you though. I am one blessed mama.

My kids......

are amazing. Not just a I'm-their-mom-so-of-course-i-think-that kind of way.

Let's go with Denver first. My first born. My son. He has the kindest heart. He is compassionate. HE is a beautiful soul inside and out.
He makes my heart smile, and its the sort of *happy* that'll just warm your entire day. He cares for others. REALLY cares.
He is smart. This boy can build you anything you want.... with real tools. I'm talking, an electric drill, hammer and nails, screwdriver and a level. :-) He'll be an engineer or something one day...I'm sure of it. He turns 5 next week and as it just breaks my heart to think of him growing up so much...I could not be more proud of what he is becoming. He has an amazing outlook on life that anyone could be envious of. Seriously.

Then we have Brita. Sweet, sweet little Brita bear. This girl is a firecracker. Her beautiful red hair apparently ignites the attitude {at least with this mam, it does}, Easiest baby I've known. IF she would have come first...we might have about 10 babies by joke.
She has the best laugh, and cutest little wave, along with her *ayyy* when she says "hi". ADORABLE. I really can not wait to see what is in store for us with her, but I SOOO treasure these moments with he as a baby.

Then there is me....
The fact that God has so graciously given me these two amazing little gifts to watch over.... I mean, Wow. I could not have ever asked for anything better. These two have completed my life and our family. and make my life more full of joy and smiles and laughs than I could have ever imagined. Being their mama may be hard. It certainly has its ups and downs... but the UP'S most defiantly over-take the downs. The 4 am wake up calls, are nothing compared to first bottle of the morning, quiet, lovely and sweet with Brita. The tantrums D *occasionally* throws in the middle of Target...ha!! Well, I definitely count my blessing, and spend all the time I can building, playing on the floor, and running outside with those kids. I know that one day, before I know it they will be grown and, although "as long as I'm living, my babies they'll be" ...I'll all too soon, miss these precious moments with them.

Thank you God for making me a mommy to these amazing little people. You could not have made any two babes more perfect for me.


Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a.....

NEW HOUSE! {What did you think I was going to start talking about Christmas already?}

So, if you didn't already know.... This little gem...

1016 Morgan Drive Photo #1

Is FOR SALE! How cute is it.....

It has been on the market for 58 days, and although we had high hopes, and a great attitude... we are having no luck whatsoever.... It's sad really. Mainly becuase we have our eye on this beauty....

1050 Georgia Avenue Photo #1

Yeah, we went and looked at this house the week it was on the market and we both fell in love with it. It is perfect in every way possible. {even the GREEN carpet - TOTALLY replaceable}

Our house has not shown in the last 4 weeks. It is really depressing. I mean REALLY. We have worked so hard on getting the house looking amazing. Updating light fixtures, painting, tileing.... Planting, hanging...ugh... SO MUCH!
Our house really does look 110% better then it did a year ago, and I know someone will love it. We have so much love in this house, yet no one will come see it. I know it is a really bad time to sell right now, but Jason and I have decided that we re ready to move on. SO we are going to keep going with high spirits and act like everyday is THE day our house will sell. We make the bed, vacuum, clean the kitchen, pick up ever single toy..... everyday like "THOSE" people who are going to buy our house are going to come see it.
So for now...We are ready and just waiting.... So is our dream house.