Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HELLO (hello....hello...hello....) THATS an echo....

SO... um... HI! Its been a while and I'm not to sure I remember how to do this.... From my last post... you'll see that I've been busy blogging on Prayers for Baby Cooper.... and not this one. Sorry, priorities people! :-)

Onto new things... Remember THIS POST????? Well, guess what... ITS HAPPENING!! J & I have sold our house and bought a new one! We close on both FRIDAY (Yep, in 3 days) - and will move in to the house that I've drooled over since April. I truly believe this house was meant to be ours! And God is so good in letting us have it...and a WEEK before Christmas, too!! I could not have asked for a better Christmas!!!

There is a lot to do to this house before we make it our home.... We will be doing LOTS of updates and I hope to take you all along for the ride. (You know, the 2 of you that might actually read it!) I'm talking green carpet, green cabinets, and awesome light fixtures that need to GO!! REALLY!!  I can not wait to put all of my amazing Pinterest finds to use!!

Stay tuned!

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