Wednesday, September 10, 2008


You know at times, some things just freak me out….things that are on my mind and I just can not get out of my head….

Last night I got into bed…sweet comfy bed. It was very comfy, the sheets were nice and cold, the pillows were so soft I just kinda sunk into bed…I love those nights. I read a little after I got into bed, then put my book away. Right as I was about to turn the light off and snuggle into my sweet dreams, Jason walks into the room. (this was about midnight, yes I was up VERY late)

Long pause….and a should I say what I am about to say look….

Jason: “uh….there's a snake in our backyard.”

Me: “WHAT!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! Why, what is it doing, how big is it, is it alive…? WHAT?!?!?!”

Jason at that point walks out the door, puts his boots on and grabs the shovel.

Now, when Jason said that there was a snake in our backyard, I was thinking ok, a snake….no biggie, right. It might just be a little garden snake from the creek behind us….we can handle this…..

I go outside, hop on top of the chair and look for the snake.


I went back inside…very quickly. Jason went outside while Porsche and I peeked out the kitchen window to watch the fight.

Jason: “I think it’s dead”


Jason then took a stab at the snake…which apparently made this little snake angry. He slithered rather towards the window I was looking out. I of course freaked out, shut the window as fast as I could and ran to look out the door.

Only to find that the snake was headed for the door! Ahhhh!

Me: “oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!”

Jason dragged it back in the yard with the shovel and hit it…hit it…hit it…until the poor little innocent snake was headless. It’s kind of sad if you think about it……

Oh well.

Once that was all said and done…and I got off the phone with Karen, giving her play-by-play action of what was happening…I settled down a little. Until I saw these pictures. Notice the head.....

After things had calmed down a little at the Wakin house…I of course had to make sure everything was going to be ok. I just had to double check a few things with Jason.

Me: “Where did that thing come from? Where does he live? Why did he come to our yard? Do you think he has a family? Does he have babies? What if his family sees his dead body behind our house and comes after us? Can they get into our house? Where are all the other snakes? Do you think that there will be more? Do they live in our backyard? Do they live under our shed? Do they eat our family of bunnies back there?”

It went on….and on….I was very concerned. Still am. But we are all ok, including Denver and Porsche and we thank Jason for protecting us!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok.>>>how did you not even mention this to me? Is my mom right when she tells me I'm in "wedding world"??? Please don't let her be right...bring me back to Jess and Katy world and share your stories with me!

Misty said...

LOL WOW that is a big ol snake!! what kind was it, did you figure that out? yeah, i've never seen a snake that big in my yard, or any family yard...esp in the area you live in! you would kinda expect to see that kind of thing out here at my house...i mean jon said he saw a really big one down at the end of the street, but i guess they don't come around me. they know i will do what Jason did with the shovel cuz i ain't skeered!! :O)

stephanie davis said...

yikes!! i can't stand snakes, anything else bring it on!!! a snake.... i'm outta here!!!
love your blog and thanks for the comment on jessica and brandon's e-pics!
love them!! they were awesome!

Misty said...

i showed jon he said its a water moccasin!!

Chylynn said...

That is scary. I thought the frogs in my backyard were bad, but this is worse. I am so freaked out by snakes...

Chylynn said...

Max would be good for you. He killed a five-foot snake during his stint at the animal shelter.