Saturday, June 13, 2009


I've thought about posting this or not.... Well, about 12 hours of thinking, and I only do it to you as a request.
Friday Denver got an MRI. He has a bump on his forehead that he has had for well over a year now. We got an MRI last year and it came back normal. I still was not satisfied with that, so I asked Denver's doctor about it again. - He wanted to re-check it.
From that moment I was nervous. Nervous of what may come. I waited about 3 weeks until the appointment and when yesterday was finally here, God gave me peace. We waited at the hospital for about 2 hours, and although I was anncey, I had total peace. We went home and went on with our day. They told me I would get the results by Wednesday.
At home, Denver and I were enjoying my time home from work. I took the full day off so I was loving being home and playing with him! My best, and dearest friend, Jessica is in town so she came by to visit us after our nap.
While she was there I noticed I had a couple of missed calls and voice mails. (on my old cell, I no longer use)
It was Denver's doctor.
He left a message saying that there was something on Denver's MRI. He has several neurofibromas on his cranium and wants us to see a neurologists. These are small tumors caused by the nerve disorder both he and I have. (Neurofibromatosis or NF) I broke down. God had placed Jess at my house at just the right time. She held me, and was my rock. His doctor said on the message that he did not know if it would require surgery or not - although if nothing else, we might think about cosmetic surgery. Also a tidbit of information, it is very rare that these neurofibromas are.......bad. In most cases they are benign - though they can still cause vision loss, pain if they are putting pressure against a nerve and other problems. (learning disabilities, hearing loss..)

My request to you. My Plea to you is PRAY. Pray as hard as you can that things are ok and that God places His hands on Denver and makes him strong and able. Make him clean.
Thank you Jess, for being there. You always seem to do that - no matter how far away you live.

I was in a Hallmark store today and I bought this. It's called Angel's Embrace.
I saw it and tears welled up in my eyes because I know that God and His angels are holding Denver like this. I bought it, and it is sitting on my nightstand for a daily reminder that God IS IN CONTROL.

I'll update as I know more. In the meantime....



Misty said...

i have that willow tree or i have seen it so many times i think it is in my kitchen? :) I will keep remembering you all in my prayers Katy. He is in control always and that we continue to be thankful and praise His name for! even in the difficult situations such as this. He still works miracles and HE IS the great physician!!! no matter what the drs "here" may tell you, there is still nothing impossible with GOD. thank YOU LORD for that assurance and peace! i love you friend!

Brandon said...

Sweet friend you have been my rock so very many times. I knew I was supposed to be there. Even before I came over, I kept thinking I really needed to see you on that day for some reason, and at that time. I am so glad that I was there. I continue to pray for our sweet boy. I love your reminder that you bought. God IS in control. He wants what is best for us and is the ultimate healer!

I love you so much


(Brandon is signed in, but you know it's me)

Lace said...

Katy, I'm SO sorry to hear your news but on the other hand I'm so thankful that you asked the doctor for another MRI so that they found the tumors! I cannot pretend to imagine what you are going through but know that you and sweet Denver are in my prayers. Benson loves playing with that little guy! Keep us posted on any news! Much Love! Lacie


Katy I am so sorry. I think Denver is the cutest thing in the world. I will pray for him and you. Hang in there- I know you have great faith and God will see you through this. Give little Denver kisses :)

Kami said...

Katy, Please know that we will be keeping Denver in our daily prayers! We love that little guy!! I, too, have that same Willow Tree Angel, up on my mantle. And while it was given to me by one of the kids/parents that I care for, I will now also be reminded of Denver when I look at it and will now whisper a prayer for Denver each time I look at! Prayer is the least we can do for that sweet little boy.....and his awesome parents! GOD IS in full control!

Inspire said...

Jacob says a prayer for his friend Denver every night, and he has for about a year night Denver made it into the rotation and he has stayed there night after night. We will continue prayers for Denver, as well as you guys for continued strength and peace.


Betsy said...

Denver is in our prayers and I know God has him in His grasp. Katy, no one is more well equipped to be a strong mother in trying times then you. Your positive attitude and optimism is contagious. We are thinking of you all. Give that cutie a big hug from the Tanner's.

LaShay & Steve said...

Katy- like you have already said and all of your friends above have said, God is in control. We all know that although those words may not really mean a lot some times. He is THE ONE and ONLY one who can heal and perform miracles! I will pray for healing over Denver. If God choses to use the doctors, surgery, medicine, or just his miraculous healing touch straight from Himself... however He wants to do it, I'm praying for it to happen soon!! I'm praying for you and Jason as well!!! We love you!!

Debbie Eoff said...

Katy, Garry and I are in Corpus and received a FB message about your post. I can only imagine the pain and turmoil such news must bring to you and Jason. As you have already said and know well, God is in control and has a plan for Denver's life that, in our humamity, we cannot grasp. He is in our prayers as are you and Jason. Please keep us posted. We love all of you bunches.


Mel said...

Just prayed and will keep your family in my prayers.