Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve - Adam

I've always called the day before Christmas Eve - Christmas Eve Adam. Don't ask me just made sense to me.
But that’s today. Christmas – Eve – Adam!!! I am so very excited! I've got the stocking hung, the presents wrapped and the cookies and sausage balls baking!!!
Denver is so excited! He knows exactly which gifts are his under the tree and continues to ask if he can open them on a daily basis! He also will find some of his favorite toys, some scrap wrapping paper and tape and wrap his toys just so he can put them under the tree and open them. It makes me laugh. Sometimes he will bring me a wrapped gift (one he wrapped - which means a little car wadded up with a TON of tape around it) to me and say "mama, I have a surprise for you!!!" So proud of himself!! Then he'll take it from me and open it. Ha!!
Here are a few pictures of our Christmas. Its so pretty! I love it so much!
(please excuse the nasty firepalce - that's a whole other "almost burned the house down" post......)
On another note, I was quite vague in my last post. After losing a pregnancy this past summer, Jason and I have been very nervous about this one - even so we didn't want to tell anyone (not even our parents until the 2nd trimester.)
That was a no-go... We found out a little before the marathon and after hashing it out with Jason and my Dr, it was decided that it was best if I did not run in the marathon. I had to keep my heart rate under 140 and there was no way I was going to chance that. I did run in it a little. I ran about 3 miles and walked 5 more before I dropped out. I was tired and my body was telling me to I did.
Doing so made it pretty hard to keep our little secret. So the word was let out - and that was that. Although we did ask to keep it on the D.L. SOME PEOPLE, who will remain nameless (DAD) could not keep their excitement in.
I am currently 11 weeks along and expected due date is July 15th. This however will not happen. Like Denver - this little Wakin will be brought into this world a little early by cesarean section 2-3 weeks early. This will put us at right at the end of June or the beginning of July. We will see!!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to Everyone! Be good and safe!
I read a good quote on Facebook the other day and it was an awesome one!

"Jesus (the true Christ) is not only the reason for the season, but the reason for
all things good and pure."
- A reminder we need daily!

Merry Christmas Friends!!!

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Misty said...

merry Christmas Katy, Jason, Denver, Porsche, that other dog, and baby#2!!!! lol i like Christmas-Eve-Adam!! LOL you are so clever :O) love you all!!