Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My last post made me really think about praying for my children.
They are watching you. Listening to your every word and soaking them in like nothing you've ever seen. Those of you with babies will soon learn that you MUST be careful with each word you say, or you could be in trouble.
There are a lot of things I remember as a child. Not very many though. I have kind of a bad memory. I may not be able to remember that I saw a movie with you last week...much less what happened when I was 5 years old.
A few of my most vivid memories....

~I remember when I lived in Mount Vernon, Texas. I had a favorite book. (don't remember what it was though...) I loved this book, and that is all I remember. The ONLY reason I remember this book is because it was destroyed. The ceiling of our home fell in, somehow. It fell on top of my book and ruined it. I remember standing outside and my dad holding the book up and it falling apart. So Sad. My world ended at that point.
~I remember my best friend in Mount Vernon, Eva. Her family lived on a farm and I recall her swimming pool, and walking to it in our swimsuits - at the farm, in the grass, around the barn.
~I remember moving from Mount Vernon to Burleson. Packing all of our stuff and the movers moving it. One of the only thoughts I remember thinking was... I hope the movers dont see my underwear in my dresser.
~I remember telling Ghost stories and being SO scared at Dawn's birthday parties. SO SCARED.
~I remember when I passed my TAKS test and my parents were so proud of me.
~I remember my first kiss. By a creek by Dawn's house. (we'll leave names out...)
~I remember the feeling I felt when I walked across the stage to graduate from High School.
~I remember the feeling I felt when my high school boyfriend broke my heart.

~One thing that is stuck in my mind, and I remember happening to my on many occasions was waking up, waking into my livingroom and seeing my dad on his knees. Those visions have stuck with me and will always be with me.
I always ran out so quick. I didn't want him to know I was there and I didn't want to interrupt him - but there are so many times I remember doing that.

My point.....?
Praying for your children is so important. One of the most important things you can do. Praying WITH your children is too. Letting your kiddos hear you actually lift their names up to Jesus will do more than you can imagine.
Listen to this song by Chris Rice (who I LOVE). The words are so true. Especially the first verse.


Misty said...

love it Katy!

Anonymous said...

Me too! :0) Love the memories...we have several GREAT ones together :0) and more to come