Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello 3rd Tri!!!

Well, I am entering my 3rd trimester this weekend! I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by already.
Sorry I ave not talked much about it on here...if I did it would have been a lot of complaining. It's been a bumpy ride because I have just been sick, tired and achy just about the whole time.
I figured I would do one of these little pregnancy quizzes for giggles!!

Pregnancy: 27 weeks (well, 26 weeks 5 days)

Weight Gain: um..... ok..... 16 - 17 pounds.

Sleep: sleeping pretty well. Toss and turn a lot and MUST go potty 2 or 3 times at night

Gender: Girl

Name: Brita

Health: So far, so good. Going to my regular OB and a high risk for several reason.

Movement: Lots and LOTS of movement. I dont think she sleeps AT ALL

Getting bigger by the day.

Next Appointment: Tuesday, April 13th I have my glucose test. BOOOO! I hope I can make it through without loosing my everything....
The next Thursday (the 22nd...?) I have my growth scan with the peri Dr.

ok, so thats it. Everything is great. Denver is starting to get really excited I think and will be such a great big brother. I can already tell that!!! He already loves her so much.

Here is a few pics...for a little growth comparison.

19 weeks

Almost 27 weeks (pardon the non-make-up face)

Easter... 25 weeks (Just because it's cute)


Kate said...

Looking good, mama!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!! I just simply can't wait!!!! Such an emotional thing for me having a girl the same age as my girl :) Makes my heart smile!

Misty said...

love the one of Denver kissing or talking to Brita :O) sorry you have been having a rough pregnancy! i don't remember if you had it "easy" the first time, or if you were sick and stuff :O( i love you!