Monday, May 24, 2010

UPDATED FOR CHELSEY...6 weeks left!

6 weeks left and I could not be happier! I do not love being pregnant this time around.
Things are a little different, plus my body is a few years older... It's been a little bit harder.

I am scheduled for a c-section on July 6th, and unless something happens between now and then... Miss Brita will be born then!
An update...

Pregnancy: 33 weeks... and a few days

Weight Gain: 23 pounds total - I've lost weight the last 2 times

Sleep: getting less and less sleep and Im exhausted

Gender: Girl

Name: Brita

Feeling: Ready.

Health: I think I'm good - been feeling a lot worse lately. Achey, and super tired.

Movement: She moves ALL THE TIME - NONE STOP

Belly: BIG

Next Appointment: Tomorrow. I go see both doctors. My OB and the high risks. It was at this point with my pregnancy with Denver that we found out we'd be having him 3 weeks early.

Taken Today..... The flower is for your own good.....


Chelsey said...

Why no pictures?! I want to see the baby belly!!

Lauren said...

It is not fair to block out your face.....

Chelsey said...

yeah I LOVE it!!! You look great Katy {and baby Brita}

Anonymous said...

Don't ever block your face again! That wierded me out! Love you and baby Britta bean!

Misty said...

LOL yeah please the flower??? you are beautiful!!! love your Brita belly!! love you!!