Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just. About. DONE!

So, here we are 2 days away from meeting our sweet Brita girl. It seems like it got here so fast... yet 2 days is SOOOOO far away. We are so excited to welcome our sweet girl into the world and feel so blessed.

Denver is so excited too. e has been counting down the days, and can't wait to kiss her when he sees her. :-)

My FINAL update.....

Pregnancy: 39 weeks and 1 day!

Weight Gain: 25 pounds total

Sleep: I seem to get my best sleep about 5-8 am.... the rest is down the drain.
Gender: Girl

Name: Brita Anne

Feeling: Really nervous about the surgery. Excited and anxious for the day to FINALLY get here!

Health: Great! Brita is growing like a fool and so am I!

Movement: She is still on the move ALL THE TIME. It has slowed down the past few days though. (I say that as she is trying to kick her way out of my belly)

Belly: BIG.

Next Appointment: Monday is my Pre-OP at the hospital and Tuesday at 7 am is the BIG day!

I'll get pictures posted of our girl as soon as I can!

Do I look tired enough in this pic?


Misty said...

you look gorgeous again! :) can't wait to meet Brita girl!! <3

Chelsey said...

yeah katy!!! I am ready to see baby brita!

I will be thinking about you on Tuesday morning!