Monday, January 31, 2011

One Year

What a difference a year can make....
Last February (the 2nd to be exact) we were finding this little tidbit of information out...
We found out our little bean was a baby girl. Miss Brita Anne!!! I remember it so well.
The gal who did our sonogram said "oh, look at where that hand is. I can already tell you what it is without even looking..."
Jason and I looked at each other and laughed... thinking it was another boy. His name would have been Barrett... but NOPE. She looked and to our (and her) surprise, it was a little baby girl in there!! Yay! I may have had a few tears... but I remember it so well.
**I remember finding out D was a boy too - and that was over 5 years ago!**
We of course had many people to call, text, update and then we HAD to go out and buy something PINK!!!! Such a great day!
AND NOW, we have this little cutie pa-tootie!!
I mean, seriously... Cuteness!

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