Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Blog List.

Here is a list of blogs that I currently stalk... Errr, follow. I've at some point, and somehow come across them and they have stuck with me.

These are people that I do not know. I've never met them, nor do they know I stalk love to read about them.

Some are sad. Some happy. Some are funny, interesting and some... Perhaps a little weird.

Hope you find a few new favorites from my fav's list :)

Jenni From the Blog - I found this gal while I was pregnant with Brita. She was a couple of months pregnant ahead of me - and boy did she have a big ol belly. (a cute one). Her family is adorable and her writing is a lot of fun.

Glowconsin Getaway - I found this chick from thebump.com. She blogs about her struggle to have a baby. It's sad at times, but is about to find out if her IVF worked. Prayers for her and her hubby's!

Teaching Tuck and Ty - I started reading this blog when Lauren posted something about it on facebook. This woman unexpectedly lost her husband and shares her true, unedited feeling for us to read. I can not imagine what she and her 2 boys are going through. Her story is heartbreaking, real and raw.

The Simple Wife - this is Joannes blog however, her husband, Toben is currently updating it. JoAnne had a major stroke a little over a month ago and her husband writes about her recovery. It is amazing how God works. All over the world. I found this one from #twitter.

Rick and Melissa Plus 1 - this sweet family is expecting their 2nd bundle of joy. They lost their first daughter when she was born at 25 weeks.
Sad. But also exciting that she is looking great in this pregnancy.

My Three Sons - yet another blog I found through Lauren. This young lady has 3 precious little boys. All special in their very own {really cute} way.

Katie's Keepers - this family is just so cute. I actually found this blog while googling myself. (you know you do it)
I googled "Katy and Jason" and this blog came up. So I read it just because they have our names. (well, she spells hers wrong)
If you read this one, go way back. Their faith is amazing.

The Lettered Cottage - super cute blog with tons of amazing ideas. Really. It's addicting.

SO...thats just a few. I total stalk TONS more, but these are the more regular ones I frequent....

COming up an 8 months post of my baby girl. (Yes, I did miss 7 months....)

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