Friday, September 21, 2007

Polka Dots and Happiness

For those of you that know me…and I mean KNOW me, you know I don’t like working. I really don’t. If I did not have to work, for the sake of Denver…eating, keeping a roof over our head and my love….my car, I would not work. I would waste my days away relaxing by the pool, shopping, resting…and of course spending more time with Denver!

However, I think I have found my niche! Since having Denver I have had…we’ll just say a few jobs. I never once was happy. I hated them all, made up reason I could not work full time at them, and finally made up reason to not work there at all. The came the Polka Dots!!!

Yesterday, I had a realization. I love my job. I am so afraid that I am going to screw up and get fired. I have never once in my life thought that about any job before! WOW. That is huge. I have already been here 4 months (long time in Katy world) and I am still loving every minute! I just recently finished decorating my office…and it is so pretty. It makes me so happy when I walk in every morning. (Pics of the office soon to come!) It is quite amazing, but I think I may stick around here a while…or until I mess up!

Anyway, that’s about it. Just wanted to share my joy! Here is a pic of the Polka Dot Family!! Yeah! (It was PINK DAY)

Sunday is Jason’s birthday!!! Yeah Jason! I suppose I will post an ode to Jason for Jessica’s sake!!!

Peace Out people!


Anonymous said...

How cute! I'm glad you love your job...finally! :) Ok and that girl seriously did NOT BRING HER DOG FOR THE PIC!!!!! Is the pup wearing a pink shirt??? See you tonight

Misty said...

way to go Katy!! sorry i didn't come visit your new blog sooner! :O) love and miss you!

Elizabeth said...

Ok seriously... did she bring her dog for this picture????
Glad you love what you are doing!!

Katy said...

Her dog visits weekly and we love her!!!

Misty said...

Hi Katy!! i'm in nashville! heehee i can't sleep any longer cuz my back hurts. today we are going to loretta lynn's plantation! miss you and love you lots!

Misty said...

i just i gonna get a cd of pics from you? :O) seriously i am going to mail you a blank cd and a self-addressed stamped envelope and ask you to make it for me :O) i love you Katy!!!