Monday, October 8, 2007

This time of year

This up and coming time of year is my most favorite season. This being for many many reasons! The first and foremost would be the weather. Texas heat is the one thing I can not stand about living here. (The humidity is also included in that) I love love love fall and winter. I love being able keep my front door open and windows open all around the house so a cool breeze fills it up. I love being able to run outside or play with Denver outside without breaking a sweat within 2 seconds of being there. I love that my hair doesn’t instantly frizz up the minute I walk outside! I love the smell of the first fire outside on a cold night. I love it the first time you breathe out and actually see your own breathe! I LOVE LOVE the holiday season. I love the feeling there is Thanksgiving through Christmas. I love the Christmas music. I love the decorations. I love the movies. I love sweaters and comfy shirts. I love the new shows, but as of right now there are WAY to many to see them all. I love a cold Saturday and snuggling up with hot cocoa looking outside. I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!! I love that Denver will LOVE Christmas this year! I Love that right after Christmas I am going to run my first marathon in Phoenix. I love ladies night out during Christmas. I love New Years Eve and the excitement for the New Year! Most of all, I love the family time the holidays behold! I can’t wait….HOT WEATHER GO AWAY!


Anonymous said...

I knew we were bff's for some reason... :) Love you my little kindred spirit...get ready for the day of my birth celebration

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh, I am finally starting to appreciate this time of year. A little chill in the air in the morning. Just waiting to see my breath in the air!