Wednesday, October 24, 2007

But it REALLY doesn't matter

If you keep up with my marathon blog, you read the “…but it doesn’t matter” blog.
WELL, I am going to put that into a perspective for life in general. The rule of thumb is to use this phrase when you are thinking negatively. SO…let give examples.
Let’s say you are having a bad day at work, perhaps your boss is in a “mood” and taking it out on all of you. You think,
“My boss is driving me crazy.”
“…but it doesn’t matter” – Don’t let that ruin your day.
Maybe you have a little something called…road rage and the car infront of you cut you off.
“*$%@* CAR!” - “…but it doesn’t matter”
Stay happy!!!!
Seriously, I tried it last night, and for some reason…I think it really did work. It made me smile! Try it.

On a second note, My mom, Karen, Kendra and myself are headed out to San Marcos this weekend for out 3rd annual Christmas shopping trip!!! YEAH! I am hoping to have 90% of my Christmas shopping done by this weekend. We will probably hit 3…possibly 4 outlet malls. YEAH!!! San Marcos is the best!


Misty said...

fun! shopping! yay! i'm going to sam moon on sat with Amber and some of her family. haven't been there in like 5 years! ok, not really 5 years. but you know what i mean! :O) thanks for the scripture! I love you Katy!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to rub it in or WHAT???!!!!