Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Day at the Fair!

Jason, Denver and myself have recently attended The State Fair of Texas! We have gone every year since being together, so I suppose it has come somewhat of a tradition. Denver went with us last year (at the ripe age of 5 months) but I think he truly enjoyed it this year! He was very intrigued by Big Tex. He liked him quite a bit from afar, but when we got a little closer Big Tex scared Denver a little. Denver LOVED the parade. It was short and sweet but he loved to see the floats go by because they were so bright!!! He loved to see the animals. The little baby puppies gave Denver kisses and he loved that too!

I must mention the food. We started out with a turkey leg. YUM-O! It was delicious!! Denver was not fond of it, but he did enjoy the corny dog – he ate a lot of that one! We also got some of the Tornado twister fries type things. YUMMY!! (SO…so far we have 1 turkey leg, 2 corny dogs and a basket of fries) After that, we can not forget the funnel cake (with extra powdered sugar!) Of course, Denver decided to do the sign and say “more” after every single bite of that one. He is so smart and cute when he does it, how can you say no? He ran out of juice so we had to give him… “a little” DR. Pepper. He is a D.P. fan! Last but NOT least was the State Fair cotton candy. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Denver was actually a little scared of it at first. I don’t know what he was thinking but he didn’t like it. He played with it quite a bit and tried to eat it, but I suppose the way it dissolved in his hands was what kinda threw him off. To sum it all up…Denver was WIRED at the end of the night. Thankfully he tired himself out on the way home by constantly dancing and doing the “happy scream”. He was pooped by the time we got home, and passed out the second we laid him down…thank goodness!

Here are a few pictures of the fair…and the ride home!



Anonymous said...

Cute little Denver Bear!!! YOu know how I feel about "fair" food...yuckie!!! So movie...where/when...

Misty said...

yay the fair! we were gonna go sunday and see miranda lambert but i personally was too jon insisted on watching the cowboys get their rear ends beaten. :O) i miss you Katy and Denver! hi Jason! i love the fair food. maybe we'll go this weekend!