Friday, December 14, 2007

Never to late to be THANKFUL

I hate to be the ‘ol scrooge of Christmas, but I have been sitting here for the past two days listening to 103.7 fm. (The Christmas Station!!!)

They are doing a special “Make a Miracle” radio-thon for Cooks Children’s and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. I am hearing story after story after story of teens, kids, toddlers, children…infants being diagnosed with leukemia, heart disease, and other life threatening cancers and diseases. A families whole world is turned upside down within a day...a second. My heart is breaking with each parent who has to tell their little boy or little girl that they are sick; and may not get better. I can not fathom having to tell something like that to Denver, and it makes me almost cry just thinking about it. I can’t imagine how broken those parents are on the inside, but how strong they HAVE to be for their kids.Take this season - no, take EVERYDAY a day where you realize that your world is not that bad at all. Be thankful for what you have and for every breathe that God gives you.

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