Friday, January 4, 2008

The Wakin Christmas!

This Christmas was a blast. You know, it is and always has been my favorite time of the year, so that is no surprise. Denver made it so much fun though!!! He was of course the center of attention, and got anything an deverything he could imagine! He got books, toys, clothes (BORING!), a basketball goal, a trycycle and on and on and on...
Here are a few pictures of our Christmas! Enjoy!
Uncle Chris showing D how to ride his new trike!

Our little family, minus Porsche of course. A Surprise from Grandma Pure Joy!
The Whole Fam!
Denver climbing into Santa's Bag of Goodies! What Santa left for Denver
The Priceless reaction sleepy Denver had when he saw his Santa Surprises!

This is all for MEEEEE???

This is fun!!!

Just Chillin' on Christmas afternoon...

ok, you asked...sorry I might have gone a little overboard with the pictures! There's more where that came from.
Katy Wakin


Misty said...

i love the pictures!!! never too many. and yes the sleepy Denver on Christmas morning is priceless. sweet baby!! :O) what a cool thing from grandma too!

Anonymous said...

Jason's mom got that cool getup for him?? That looks like good times!!!