Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Memory

I don’t even know where to start this blog. If you keep up with the marathon blog, you read about my cousin, Kevin. He had cancer associated with neurofibromatosis. He passed away yesterday morning about 8:30. He was 38 years old and has two precious little girls. Once is 2 and the other is 4. He is married and he was truly a great guy!

IT is times like these when I really just don’t understand why things like this have to happen. It isn’t fair. 8 Months ago, he was fine. He was healthy and happy. Nothing could get him down. Once day he went to the doctor because he didn’t feel good.

It is truly a sad thing. I can not imagine what his wife, his mother, and his little girls are going through. Never…NEVER take anything you have for granted and thank God for everyday you have and every breathe you take.

On another note, Jason and I finished our race!!! It was amazing. Read our Marathon Blog for more info and pictures!

Anyway, sorry for yet another sad blog entry. I will work on making happy ones!!!!


Misty said...

i will pray for you and your family Katy, that is very sad and i'm sorry to hear about it :O( i hate when people die. even knowing the promise of Heaven, it's just a hard thing. i love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry KK. I love you and am praying for his family.