Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tagged lots of cool exciting stuff going and longer post to follow about all of that jazz, but for now...I have been tagged by Jessy Poo so here it goes!

Places I want to go:

1. Italy
2. Europe
3. Colorado, as always
4. Alaska

I like to eat:

1. Cookies
2. Chips amd salsa
3. Steak..a GOOD ONE

My playlist contains:

1. EVERYTHING!!!! I am with ya on that one Jess...I am a fan of it ALL!

I buy clothes at:

1. Gap
2. Old Navy
3. Target
4. NY&C

I think I will tag.....:

1. Emily......sorry. youre all thats left!

Picture anyone???


Anonymous said...

Cute little Den Den are we hanging out tonight?

Anonymous said...

You are allowed to leave me comments too you know Katy... :) Are you guys watching super bowl???