Friday, February 29, 2008

and the story goes

Everyone seems to be making the “random” post, so I will put my randomness to good use!

Updates, happenings, news and so on…..

Well, as most of you know we are trying to sell the house again. For SOOO many different reasons. We tried last summer, but had no luck. Now, this time we are having great luck (so far) Many lookers, second lookers, and hopefully we have an offer or two on the horizon. We actually had a “stager” come in and decorate our home to make it look better. Kind of like the HGTV show Design to Sell. It looks great, like a home. I would totally buy my house! So wish us luck there.

As for Camp Redcloud – well the job seriously sounds AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! PERFECT! The pay however is not. I do realize that this is ministry and if God calls you into it, then He will take care of you – but it was BAAAAAAAAAAAD. I would and I do not feel comfortable at all with what was offered and do not think that is the place for us at this time. Maybe some other time and place – but not now.

Last night was a rather interesting evening. To start off the evening I went home and made Denver dinner. (Mini ravioli and meatballs – YUM!) Only to find out, that is not what he wanted, so he threw it on the floor. After Jason arrived home – he went strait to bed with the flu and 101.7 fever. (Poor Jason) I, being the wonderful wife that I am left with Denver in tow to get some medicine. On my way I stopped to get gas. Now, mind you I HATE getting gas. I CAN'T STAND it. Something bad always seems to happen to me while getting gas. It might be that I “accidentally” drop my phone in a cup of water….or spray gas all over myself….or maybe I just clumsily bang my knee into the car door, but something ALWAYS happens. Well, indeed last night I was getting gas, and for some reason, lock the car. Why, I do not know…but I did. Silly me, I close the door behind me. Hmmm, what does that mean? Yes, it means that I locked not only my CHILD in the car, but my keys and my cell phone too. I wasn’t able to get Jason, because he had taken Nyquil and was out, so the next best thing….The EMT parked beside me! (Thank Goodness!) I kindly asked for their help and they in turn called the fire department. SO, I am at the TigerMart in Burleson, and the fire department and 5 husky firemen (in uniform!) came to Denver and my rescue! Quite an adventure and an slight embarrassment. All – in – All everything was ok. D stayed happy the whole time and really enjoyed seeing the fire truck lights. The firemen were nice enough to sound the siren and show the lights to Denver. He LOVED it!

Well, that could be about it for now. If I feel as if I left anything out, I will let you all know! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!! Remember in high school when I kept driving around the gas station because I couldn't figure out which side the gas tank was on??? aaaahhh these are the things that make memories. And the things that our siblings love to tease us about...whatever. Love you

Misty said...

thats so funny Katy! great story! hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

new post!~ new post! with a pic of your haircut!