Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another...BORING update!

I know, I know, I know. I have been really bad about posting lately. Really bad. I’m so sorry for that. I think I am in a funk. Nothing new and exciting is happening. Our house is STILL on the market. It is showing an insane amount of times, but we still have yet to even receive ANY offers. It is getting really frustrating and hard on us. Keeping the house clean and looking good is not easy. I am just about ready to give up all hope. One day though, it will happen….? It has been almost 5 months. We will see how long this takes. Anyone for starting a “Real Estate Pool”?

***Just got a call that it is showing today!!! All bets are in!!!***

Work is same ‘ol same. Gas is killing me. I drive to the Hurst area and at $ 4.00 a gallon, filling up is not fun!

We are soon going to venture off to Winter Park for our yearly summer road trip. This year we are taking Denver with us. We are driving strait through….14 hours of driving. Wish us luck with that! It’ll be fun though, and Denver will fall in love with Colorado like me! We just have to get him there! We will stop in Colorado Springs to visit Jason’s brother and his soon to be wife! Fun times!!!

We plan on taking our bikes with us and renting a trailer for him once we get there. He will love strolling trough the streets of Winter Park! We will also probably go on the alpine slide down the mountain. Then there will be some relaxing too! Since we are taking Denver with us this time, we are spending a WHOLE week there!!!! Yay! I can’t wait. (A few pics from last years trip!)

DSCN0691DSCN0700 DSCN0713


Anonymous said...

Pre lasix pics! Don't you love not having to wear those glasses??? It is wonderfulness!

Love the pic of Jason looking all studly!

Misty said...

Katy, that is so fun i'm so happy for ya'll! ya'll are great about going on vacations! every year you go to colorado. i don't think i've ever been there, except to see the mesa verde national park. and that is in the south-west corner if i remember. i wanna go up there w/Jon and Cashy when he's here :O) i doubt there will be another beach vacation in our future--at least for a long time! there are lots of places i want to visit in the good ol' us of a. ok, enough of my ramblings...have a good day! i love you!

Elizabeth said...

Argh!! I hate selling a house!!
Have you had any second looks or anything?
Has your realtor hosted an open house?
MAYBE you should go on that HGTV show "SELL THIS HOUSE!"
hahaha.. I was addicted to that show!

Anonymous said... are leaving me tomorrow. Have fun in CO!!! Boy what I would give to grab Brandon and go up there with you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss my Katy...