Monday, July 7, 2008

Winter Park 2008

We just got back yesterday - early afternoon from our week long excursion to Colorado. It was an AWESOME trip. It was perfect. I did not want to come home, and still I am a little sad to be back. (thats kinda weird) Here are a few pictures of our trip!!

Here is Denver at about 2 am on the way to Colorado

Us in Colorado Springs, we got to stop there and visit with Jason's Brother and his fiancee!

Our first day in Winter Park, taking Denver for a ride around town!

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park for a day! It was cold!!!

Riding the mountain!

Coming down the alpine slide!

A stream along the trail we were riding on

Denver getting ready to watch the fireworks show!!!

The Fam

On the way home


Misty said...

omgosh Katy that looks like ya'll had so much fun!! Denver is way cute (as always) i love his smile!! i want to go to Colorado too! :O) i miss you!

Anonymous said... time I am hiding in one of your suitcases. :) Is that Charlie with you guys? Cute Den at 2am. that's good times.

Misty said...

did i mention i went and looked at ALL the photos from your trip? :O) i may currently have too much time on my hands...