Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does this sound crazy?

I might be crazy. But I am ready for Christmas. I mean…I am always ready for Christmas, and the patience usually wears of about October -.but it has seem to hit me early this year. I mean last week on 103.7 FM, they did a Christmas in July and they played Christmas music from 10-3. SO, of course I was excited and listened to it while I was working! It was so very exciting! The downfall…..I still have 6 months to go before my favorite time of year is here. (ok, like 5 ½ ) Maybe thinking of Christmas can keep my mind off the 105 degree heat outside. Ugh!

Besides that, everything else is pretty normal. House is still for sale. It keeps showing, but no offers. We just lowered the price…AGAIN in hopes to get ride of it! We will probably be painting the “red room” a more neutral color. Maybe that’ll help!

I spent Sunday afternoon de-grassing our flower bed. I now have a backache from heck-fire and a weird sunburn line on my back – but it looks much better!

Denver is sleeping in his big boy bed – and doing GREAT! He is growing up SOOOO fast. It is hard to believe.

Jessica’s wedding is fast approaching. I received her wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. That means it is really happening…NO TURNING BACK NOW JESS!!!

Showers and parties are being planned and I can’t wait!! This is a fun time…for not only Jess….but me too!!! I mean she is my best friend!

Jason, Denver and I applied for our passports. We are heading to Canada in October for Michael and Meagan’s wedding!! (Michael is Jason’s brother) Denver’s picture for it is pretty hilarious. He did not want to take the picture, so we had to accept the only one that was strait on and he was not a happy camper. It’s cute though.

ok, well that is my update for now! Peace out!

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Misty said...

good job Denver! as long as there's no company he will stay in the bed ;o)