Friday, August 22, 2008

happy. joy. cheer. bliss. wonder. glad. delight.

Saturday mornings are so great! I love to get up, make a BIG pot of coffee and enjoy the morning. (Even if it is 7:30 am) Sometimes I wish I had a magic fairy to bring me a fresh cup of steaming coffee so I don’t have to leave the comfort nook of my couch. The delight that comes over me sometimes at the thought of curling up, looking out the window while Denver plays with blocks and cars, got me thinking about other things that bring me smiles. I think that most of you that read this blog know me, and things like Jesus and family are my two biggest joy givers, but I started thinking about the "worldly" things that delight my heart. So, I thought I would make a list of the first 10 things that come to my mind. Keep in mind…that these are not really the “TOP ten”, because that would mean I'd have to list them all out and try to rank them--too much work, too much thought. SO, here are 10 things that make me happy:

1) Going to the mountains. (duh!) I could write all day long about how much I LOVE the mountains. From the streams, to the breeze, to the crisp smell, to the fun restaurants, to the relaxing at a condo with the windows open after a day of riding, hiking and playing. Looking at the mountains…just LOOKING at them is a gift in itself.

2) Date night with Jason. It is so much fun to be out on a date. Go out to dinner, holding hands, kissy-kissy. It doesn’t happen a lot, so when it does…it is like we are teenagers. I still sometimes get happy butterflies in my stomach because of Jason. Whether it is the way he looks at me or just the thought of being with him!

3) Sitting outside while Denver plays. (That is if it is less than 107 degrees, far less in my opinion) Being able to sit out on my back porch or lie in my hammock and just watch Denver climb, run, laugh and drive his “eep”… (Jeep) brings so much relaxation and bliss to a long day at work.

5) New friends. New friends make me happy, and I thank God that he puts them in my life from time to time!

6) A cold night and a good book in front of a fire. Yeah, yeah, I know this is Texas…and fires are far fetched…but just the thought of it makes me happy. And if I’m aloud to have a 2-in-1 here, a cold night in front of the fire during the holidays takes the cake!

7) A smiling, laughing Denver. If that doesn't make you smile, then you may want to find out what the grinch did with your heart!

8) A Jesus moment. I know I said this was going to be a worldly list, but I can't bear to leave this one out. Nothing brings more joy than getting in the word, or hearing a sermon, or having a friend share something that you know was a gift sent to you straight from Jesus. Every Sunday at church I love to sing praises and it can at times just bring tears of joy.

9) A good restaurant…with a Goooooooood, juicy steak! Mmmmmmm!! And what makes it ever better, is a live jazz band or a good cover band. Love it. Eat, relax, listen to live music...what could be better?!?

10) A trip to the outlet mall with my sister”s” and mom. (sister”s” is like that because Kendra is my sister-in-law…but like a sister!) This one is VERY “wordly”. BUT…man you can get some crazy deals at those places and I finish my Christmas shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving every year.


Anonymous said...

Ummm.....hello??!! You left the TOP one out! Movie nights with Jessie!!! :)

LaShay & Steve said...

Those are fun! I just did a little list on my blog this morning about the things I love! How funny... we're on the same page! How's your sister? Tell her she needs to start a blog!

Katy said...

You are totally right Jess!!! #10.5 I love love love my Saturday night movie nights with Jessie!!! A total excuse to pig out for no reason at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Know what I was just thinking about? One of our ALL TIME FAVORITE things to mock and laugh about??? Anatomy??? The coke drinking girl!!!

" husband's from Burleson"

Hee hee.

Love u :0)