Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TAG, you're it.

So I got tagged by my funny friend LaShay. I like her. You should check out her blog!

I'm supposed to list 6 of the quirkiest things about me….so here goes. I could only think of 5, so sorry…..

1. I can not sleep with out my eye mask and my stuffed animal that Jason gave me. Is that weird that I sleep with a stuffed animal? Denver has a liking to it and that makes me nervous. I also can not sleep without my pillow that, well is not in good shape. It was my dads in college and boy do I love it!! I take it with me on EVERY trip I go on. (Jason says it is lumpy but I think he is just jealous)

2. I LOVE LVOE LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! I am already ready for it this year and to get into the spirit I am listening to Christmas music on a daily basis. In October I will be attending my annual shopping trip in San Marcos where I do 90% of my Christmas shopping! YAY!!!!!

3. I hate Texas summers, but I look forward to them so I can wear flip flops everyday.

4. My toes are…well long. I can pick up all sorts of things with them, throw things at people and pinch Jason when needed.

5. I always say I want to grow my hair out….but that usually means that within a onth I will cut it off again. Why is that do you suppose???

Who do I tag….who to tag…..Jess, Chelsey and Misty (because you have SO MUCH free time on your hands.


LaShay & Steve said...

YAY! Thanks for participating in the tag. You make me laugh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Got it! Will do in a bit!! Good thing I"m a quirky girl :)

Misty said...

heehee! that makes me laugh! right now i have some time, i will attempt it! jon and cash are sleeping :O)