Thursday, August 14, 2008

my new post!

So…I got into a little bit of trouble for not posting more interesting blogs more often. Therefore, this is my attempt at that.

The start of this week was hectic – waiting on the results of Denver’s MRI. Once they came back normal (thank the good Lord) I was able to breathe again, and go on with life.

-The rest of the week…not so exciting. I was fairly close to trading my Xterra in for a 2004 Dodge Ram Crew Cab dually…a.k.a. ‘tanker.’ Come to find out I love my Xterra waaaaaaaay to much to look like a farm girl in a tanker. (even if it is just “temporary”)

-I thoroughly enjoyed one evening this week. I think the temperatures were in the 70’s. I stayed outside forever with Denver. It was greatness. Where did it come from and where did it go? (isn’t that a line from Cotton-eyed-joe?)

-I am still listening to Christmas music. On you can make your own station, so I did…and I love it. Don’t be jealous, I will happily send it your way if you would like. It makes me happy!

-I am allowed to upgrade my AT&T phone, however to get the phone I want it will cost me 79.99. I do get a “$50.00 mail in rebate in the form of a card…but we will see if it is REALLY worth it. It sounds kinda fishy to me.

-Jessica’s wedding is quickly approaching and her first shower is this weekend!!! Yeah! I’m excited.

-Chelesy…you know my new bff from work (Karen, Jessica…please understand) has not yet found out if she is having a boy or a girl, however my intuition says a girl. I think hers do as well. I am a little afraid if she is having a boy, she might cry a little, and then possibly do something bad to the poor tech that gives her the news.

-I love Michael Phelps…he is amazing. Really. The rest of the Olympics are just o.k.

-Last but certainly not least, my good friend Misty and her husband Jon welcomed their new baby boy into the world! Cash Dean Johnson!! Congrats you guys!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well KK , I will see you this wkend! We have some slideshow and planning to do :) I'm excited about fun!!! Do you wanna ride with me? Call me you.

She can be your new bff AT WORK ONLY :0)

Stacy Ann said...

Good update! Glad to hear things are 'normal' after Denver's scan. And that is a line from Cotton-eyed Joe, can you do the line dance?

Misty said...

can't wait to get to see you sat! that is a lot of fun updates goin on in your life this week :O) Cash say thanks again for his Jesus loves me moo-cow :O) we love aunt Katy!

LaShay & Steve said...

So glad to hear things are good. Hey... I tagged you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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