Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama VS. Me...

In Leu of my friends Lashay’s recent post as well as the newest post on The Milburn Family Blog…I have decided to put in my two cents about the upcoming election.
Please note, if you are easily offended…turn away now!

Let me first say that I am republican. PROUD OF IT! I intend to support McCain and Palin.
Now, let me tell you why I am NOT voting for Obama.

Here is his voting record…to BEGIN.

SB 230 (1997) Voted to allow partial-birth abortion

HB 709 (2000) Voted to allow state funding of abortion and induced miscarriages

SB 1661 (2002) Voted NO to protect newborns. A part of the Born Alive Infant Protection Package. If a child is born alive after an abortion and then the child is then neglected through failure to provide medical care after birth.

SB 485 (1999) To give offer of “good time” for sex offenders sentenced to the County Jail. – Obama was the ONLY vote for giving good time.

SB 381 (1997) Voted NO to require prisoners to pay court costs for frivolous lawsuits against the state.

SB 609 (2001) (REFUSED TO VOTE) To restrict the location buildings with “adult” uses (meaning pornographic video stores, strip clubs etc.) within 1,000 feet of any public or private elementary or secondary school, public park, place of worship, preschool. Day-care facility, mobile park or residential area.

HB 1812 (1999) Voted NO to require school boards to install software on public computers accessible to minors to block sexually explicit material.

SB 1415 (2003) Voted Yes to create public funding for Supreme Court races

HB 581 (2003) gay rights NOT VOTING Allows domestic partners to be allowed to assume the rights of a spouse or survivor with regards to pension benefits under the Chicago Teacher’s pension system.

SB 880 (2003) Voted YES to allow the purchase of 10 hypodermic needles from a pharmacy without a prescription.

HB 4659 (2000) Voted PRESENT to establish a zero-tolerance drug-testing policy for department of corrections employees

**Obama is big on social programs – which means MORE TAXES. His judgments, ideas and beliefs are bad…for anyone.

My thoughts.....

I am sure that Senator Obama is a nice guy, a truly great speaker and quite the smoozer. But do we really want him to lead our country. With such a low concern on safety, children, family….it seems he is as apathetic about the U.S., their families and their neighbors as Joe Shmo in some far off country. Not to mention, he is inexperienced for the job. Like LaShay said in her post…there is not a single job out there, big or small that you can automatically become president of without years, and years of experience – and inexperience like this is the last thing we need in the White House when it comes to foreign policy during a time of war with an enemy like none we have ever faced before.

On another note - I am going to take Obama’s word that he is not Muslim. However, Barack Obama was raised around the Muslim culture, and your life experiences shape who you are. Your thoughts, feelings and actions. Barack Hussein Obama may not be Muslim, because of his upbringing, he will undoubtedly be sympathetic to Islam.

Also – a huge thing with Obama is health care. He wants to establish a Health Care program similar to Europe and Canada’s Universal Health Programs (think about it: do you really want the same government that runs DMV to run your health insurance programs? HA!). If the current health insurance system is so bad, then why would government wish to keep the same model, but change the payer of that system over to the same government that didn’t get the postal service running in New Orleans until 3 months after Hurricane Katrina? (while FedEx was delivering to the area in a week, and UPS in three weeks?) What happens when something catastrophic happens…everyone gets sick, and too bad, Health Care is out of service???

We are never going to have a perfect president…I mean if Harrison Ford would run for president, he would be perfect…but that’s not happening. Now, I have done ALOOOOOOT of research on this lately comparing our top two candidates - and I cannot say enough how important this election is. How important it is to vote against Obama. (THERE I SAID IT!) Think about it, read the facts…and vote right. Don’t listen to Oprah, or what all of those celebrities are saying. They are only into it because it is like making history happen, it is good for their image….Trust yourself, and trust the facts.
That’s it, I’m done.


MelissaBrwn said...

Thank you for posting that!!!! The media goes on and on about Obama barely even mentioning John. As a Christian the abortion issue is VERY important to me! I will admit I am not the biggest fan of John but will absolutely vote for him! The lesser of evils. It really scares me to think Obama might win!
Looking forward to Saturday!!

Misty said...

yeah i will be honest and say i have not been paying the least bit of attention to what either candidate stands for or their policies on whatever. i've never been "into" politics but i know i'm republican and that i would vote for mc cain in this one...i appreciate you posting all those facts for us all. our pastor said last sunday that regardless of who ends up in the white house it's no surprise to God and it's all part of His plan for His return one day so don't worry :O) ( a nutshell!) i can't wait for sat too!!

Anonymous said...

I second my sis! The thought of Obama winning really makes me wanna pack my bags and move overseas!!! I am so proud of you for standing up for your morals and beliefs! You always have and that's just one of the many things I love and admire about you!!!

By the way...Hey Katy--" Well, I thought about it and I think he's right!" Geeze...some people are strange.

Stacy Ann said...

You forgot to mention that when he was asked when life begins at the Saddleback forum (hosted by Rick Warren) he said that the question was "above his paygrade". DO WHAT?!?!
Crazy dude, we'll be two R votes in NY this year, every little bit helps! :)

LaShay & Steve said...

Katy- thanks for posting on this too! I feel so strongly about it... if you couldn't tell by my blog! :-)