Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of Autumn

It comes as no surprise that I am posting this…..I did last year, and I’ll do it again next year!!!

But, here is my ode to….Fall!!!!!!!

Why I love fall…

So many reasons, so little time…In no particular order:

It becomes real running weather at last! I love that it is incredible sleeping weather that makes you want to cuddle with someone you love. The fact that you can wear bulky fall sweaters that forgive your lumpier parts – or at least hide them. I love being able to drink…and actually enjoy hot coffee instead of iced concoctions. I LOVE ALL THE NEW SHOWS!!!! I love love LOVE the smell of outside - that first smell of a fireplace burning, and early, pretty evenings. I LOVE the fact that it is almost Christmas time!!! I love getting my Christmas shopping done 2 months early!!! I love the cold Christmas weather! I love the family togetherness that the season brings. I love that the temperature is already 20 degrees cooler than it was a month ago. I love this weather! I love that Denver is growing up and enjoying life – especially in cooler weather, it seems! I love girls night out during the holidays! I love new winter coats and jackets, they are so CUTE! I love getting Denver his new fall wardrobe…but getting toddler sizes I don’t love…that means he is growing up toooooo fast. I love snow, especially when I’m at home. I love being warm inside - when it is cold outside. Lastly I love that it represents the start of so many new things. A new season, a new holiday…a new year. And this year, it signifies the start of a new marriage and life together. Jess and Brandon are getting married THIS SATURDAY!!! YAY!!!


Misty said...

yayayayayyaaaaayyyyy Jess's wedding!!! only 4.5 more days! :O) and fall is awesome, it feels so good outside! i had to read and re-read the part where you said something about you love sounded like, ya know..."drinking" lol!

Katy said...

i fixed sounds better now!

Anonymous said...

Yayayaayayayayayay!!! Almost only 4 days!!! Can you believe it??

So fitting that I'm getting married during my favorite season!

Love you friend...I will remember Saturday night always and always ;0)

Stacy Ann said...

Yes, I'm actually looking forward to autumn this year. We'll actually have cold weather and that means fires and hot cocoa. And our new little person in December!! So if any of you get a hankering to see real seasons just let me know and we'll put you up. :)