Monday, October 20, 2008

My Saturday...

It started early, as always and I cleaned the house a little. Jason and I went to Central Market for lunch. They have the absolute BEST sandwiches! Jason, Denver and I sat on the patio in the absolute PERFECT weather and enjoyed our afternoon out! It was delicious and beautiful! We were on our way home and there was a man on the side of the road that had a sign that said
"Need Work. Hungry. Please Help."
Ever since I read the book "Same Kind of Different as Me" I have had such a heart for the homeless. That book is amazing, and if you have not read it - it is a MUST READ! I cried and cried...and cried. Great book. That's all I can say.
OK, so back to the story. There was a man on the side of the road. He looked like a nice man. He wasn't the typical homeless man you may see begging for money. We drove past him and he simply nodded a friendly hello. I looked at him, and my heart broke. I thought about Denver Moore, the man in the book. He was a slave, and ran from that. He had no schooling, no family...nothing.
I had a cup of fruit, a sandwich and an iced tea from central market. A simple lunch for me, but probably a gourmet meal for him. Jason and I ran our errand and headed back to him. He was still there. I couldn't stop thinking about him and would not have been able to get him off my mind if we would not have stopped. We had to pull in a parking lot and I had to walk over to him, but I did and I gave him the bag of food, and tea. He said, "that is exactly what i was wanting! Thank you ma'am" So innocent. So genuine.
I told him to enjoy, and walked back to the car.
It is moments like that that make you look at life and appreciate everything. Who knows what has happened to him. We really have no idea what lives the homeless have lived. But, all I want to do now is help. I may not give them money, but I will be more than happy to go buy them a meal, or a blanket. They need it! They are appreciative. And the kindness surprises them.
I was glad to do that for that man, and I hope that God puts me in situations like that more often. I do have a soft heart for a lot of things and I think that God can use that for the better.
Jason and I went home and continued with our everyday lives. We are so blessed with all we have.
Read the book, it'll change your life!

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Kami said...

I loved reading this! It reminded me of a time when our son, Brandon, was at six flags with his friends and they left the park to walk over to a fast food place for lunch and as they were going in Brandon saw a homeless person sitting near by, so he ordered him some food too and he went over to give him the food he bought and he was so very thankful! Stories like this can teach us all something! God has given us a purpose in life and Life should be all about love! Wow, I've never read that book but I plan to definitely put it on my list of reads now!! Thanks for the posting!