Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Does that make me Crazy?!

So, at times you may go to great lengths for something. It may be very important, it may SEEM important…or it might just be a joke.
Well over the weekend I decided to clean out the laundry room. To some of you this may seem like an easy task, but our laundry room is our “junk room”. Much like a junk drawer, but a whole room. It is small, thank goodness…but it is our entry to the house, so if we walk in with something it will go on top of the dryer or on a shelf until we find a place for it. It also may store things that I need to take with me the next morning, or things I need to take over to my parent’s house etc, etc…
Well…back to the story. I was cleaning it out. I found a few shoe boxes and wrapped them in pretty paper for storage. It looks nice now! I have labels for them. Like “receipts and paper”, “pictures and gift accessories”, “unread mail”. It is actually pretty handy. I have one empty box waiting for a purpose. As I was going through some of the so called “junk” on the shelves I came across a stack of papers. A few cards, old mail, old information forms from Denver’s doctors appointments etc. And I thought to myself, I don’t need this….TRASH. (This was on Friday night.)
After about an hour of cleaning, it was done…and it looked not great, but MUCH better!
Saturday passed, and Sunday came. Sunday night I was in bed and I thought to myself, “Hey, I have a Nordstrom gift card…I need to spend it.”
Duh! On a new pair of jeans! The thought made me excited as I drifted into sleep!

Monday morning I woke up for work. As I was getting ready I briefly thought about the gift card again and its location. The thought left just as quickly too. (It was 6:30 am, you know) For some reason I thought I had remembered putting the gift card in the laundry room, but as I said the thought was only a second. I actually had a brief vision of what the gift card was stored in and EXACTLY what it looked like…….as it went into the trash. Mind you, this was no $25 card…it was $100.00 TO NORDSTROM!!!!!!!!!!!
As I continued to get ready the thought kept coming into my mind…then it made me a little sick. After all, Monday IS trash day. I was sick to my stomach thinking that I had lost it. That I had lost my new jeans. I got my coffee and got in my car. Started to back out of the driveway as I looked to my left and saw the trash on the curb. The light bulb in my head went off. “Holy Cow! IT’S IN THERE!!!” I slammed the brakes and pulled the HUGE STINKY trash bag into the garage. AS I was tempted to rip it open and dig through it right then and there to assure that I got the right bag, I did not. I headed on to work.
When I got home yesterday, the first thing that I did was start to dig through the trash. It was seriously NASTY. I mean GROSS. A weeks worth of trash, food, junk…..TRASH.
A pair of rubber gloves, three rotten bananas, and a handful of gags later….I found it in all it’s glory. My new pair of jeans will soon no longer be a dream, they will be a reality!

Now, my question is….would you do the same?


Misty said...

of course i would have dug thru trash too! heck i would have done it for the $25 gift card! and i don't even care what store it was to. i mean, that's MONEY in the trash! :O) so no, you aren't crazy :O) i love you katy!

Elizabeth said...

No that doesn't make you crazy!!
And what a great idea to wrap the boxes with wrapping paper!!

MelissaBrwn said...

I have dug in the trash for much less so no you are not crazy! For awhile Emily would throw any paper away that was in my purse. One day it happened to be a receipt for something I needed to take back. I had already put the trash on the curb so Jason and I dug in the nasty trash.

Anonymous said...

Um...hellooo! Of course Nordy's deserves a little trash dig ;) You know me...I have dug through trash for target receipts on several occasions...I am shameless

Kami said...

My goodness, I'm sitting here reading one post after another! Wow, I'm going to have to figure out how to subscribe to your postings! These are so interesting and some are funny! And, btw, I would absolutely dig in the trash for that kind of a gift card and for much, much less too....as I have done so many times!! :)