Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It comes down to this.

Well, I suppose it is my turn to voice my opinion on last nights election results. Jason is out of town right now, so that left me watching in anticipation by myself.
Of course I was switching back between Privileged on channel 33 and the news stations (if you don't watch is so cute!)
I took a break from it all around 8:30 to give Denver a much needed bath. He gets to stay up late while daddy is away.
I got him all fixed up, got his milk and laid on the couch with him to read a little while. (The Bible of course. His favorite book.)
I went into the bedroom, turned the news back on and my stomach sank. I felt like my heart stopped beating for a second. It really happened. Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. It seems like it happened so fast. I was ready for an all night marathon waiting to see who was the winner.
I will say that I got pretty scared at that moment. I thought the world was going to end. (Yes, I was one of those) I sat there in my bedroom, alone with the eeriest feeling. I was scared for my future, for Denver's future.
I 100% agree with Jess when she talked about the experienced voters voting for McCain. They were the ones that were not listening to Hollywood, Oprah or MTV. They are the ones that might actually care about what happens with our country.
Now when I say this next thing, I do not want in anyway to offend ANYONE. I am just stating a fact. Something that was done on a national radio show.

-Howard Stern sent a correspondent out to talk to Harlem voters about Obama. The only twist? The correspondent intentionally attributes McCain’s positions to Obama, even saying “Do you support Obama’s choice of Sarah Palin to be his VP?” Incredibly, it didn’t seem to phase these voters in their support of Obama.

REMEMBER, this was in Harlem...where 99% of the race will match that of our new president. We know that they voted - and it was their first time to vote EVER.
I must say that it is unfortunate that many people didn't vote for Obama because he is Black. Racism goes both ways.
How can a man who has such little morale run our country. How can he not care about an unborn baby...or a born baby for that matter? How can he call himself a "committed and active christian" and say that killing a baby is ok? How can he say that same sex marriage is ok? Not to mention giving money to people who are to lazy to work, taking that money from families who work their tails off.
I can not put my trust in Obama, and I will not. I can barley respect him, but I am going to. I feel like I am rambling but I just have so many different thoughts going through my head. The one that keeps me sane? Our Heavenly Father. This is HIS plan. This is HIS country. He is our ruler and He is our King. Nothing will ever change that, and nothing can come between my security in that. He is my leader, and my ruler, and my Lord. My heart is at peace, and I am comforted by our God.
I'm done - I rambled, but I got it out.

"1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there
is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities
that exist have been established by God. "
Romans 13: 1


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that verse! We can always find peace in His word no matter what the circumstance! I love you sweet friend! We can always move to Cananda together if we need to :)

MelissaBrwn said...

I feel your frustration!
When I was a kid all I wanted to do was grow up and now I miss all those carefree days!

Stacy Ann said...

Good rambles. :) I hear you. Be grateful you're still in good ol Texas. NY is nothing like down there and vice versa.
Just remember, God was not taken by surprise by what happened. He is in control! And he will provide for his children, even if that means more of our hard-earned money is taken from us and "re-distributed". At this point we can only pray! And do our research and vote for true CONSERVATIVES (not just Republicans) on the local level.

Stacy Ann said...

Oh and listen to Rush Limbaugh, always makes me feel better. :)

Misty said...

yeah, i listened to that howard stern thing on youtube. it's sad that that was the case this election. of course i'm sure they weren't ALL that ignorant...but it makes you wonder!