Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Tuesday...

Wow-za. There is so much to say! I think I have done a lot since my last post.
Let’s see….we have started the “renovations” in our home. Our red room (the office) is gone!!! It is now a nice, calm beige color with new wood floors! It looks so pretty!
My master bath with the green stripes is gone too. It is a light blue. Very pretty! I love it!
We will start the tile this weekend and hopefully we will be done within the week or so.
It makes such a difference already and I cant wait to see the finished product. We have that nasty linoleum in our master bath, laundry room and hall bath and we are replacing it ALL with tile! Yay!!! It will look so pretty! I will post pictures when it is all said and done!
Jason is out of town again. This time he is in Florida for only 4 days, thank goodness. I like him being home.
I have gotten really good at the saving. I am at 57% of our goal and once that goal is reached BW2 will be on her way…. J
OH!!! OUR NEW MATTRESS!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!! I never knew sleep could be SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! What an amazing thing, and the best (almost best) money I have ever spent! – Cash of course.
Work…well, work is work. It is pretty slow at the moment and I find myself bored at least 80% of the time here. (I say here…because I am at work at the moment, supposedly working)
The percentage that I am supposed to be making off of my private events is not really paying off, simply because I can’t book much because the room is not 100% ready. PLUS, the percentage is not that great anyway, so I am kind of wondering if it was a great deal or not.
Jason and I are heading to Tucson in a couple of weeks for a weekend getaway! I am very excited. There is a fairly new Omni Hotel open, so we will be staying there (with my generous employee discount!) It looks beautiful and I think we definitely NEED a weekend away!
Denver is doing great. We are soon approaching his big # 3 birthday. He is so big! We will most likely have a bouncy house, some yummy food and lots of fun. Don’t tell him, but he is getting a brand new bike so one day he can ride the trails with mama and dada!!! Fun!
Anyway, I am signing off for now. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe our boy will be three!!!! Make it stop!!! Maybe I will be within a short driving distance by then...

LaShay & Steve said...

I wanna see pics of the new rooms!