Monday, March 30, 2009


So. To make the blog very personal…and possibly with WAY to much information, I may just go ahead and spill the beans…
Jason and I are now trying for a BABY! (Cheers here!) Perhaps, I may blog about it (ok, not ALL the details) but more about the emotions, and anxiety that may go with it. This month will be the very first and I really don’t know how to take it. I am so excited. SO SO excited. I have been praying for a baby, and that God can make a perfect little baby…and FAST! But on the other hand, Denver just kinda came. He wasn’t “planned” (yet SUCH a blessing) so there was no stress there.
Now, I am not one of those that does the whole charting ovulation thing. In fact I don’t even understand it. I have no idea about BBT, CM, EWM, BD. BFN, BFP, ET, HPT and on and on and on… ( I had to look all of those up…)
So, we aren’t going to stress over it, and just take it as it is. Lets hope for a baby by December 31st! (that would mean like NOW!)
SO, not only will I blog about my crappy days at work, (which by the way…they don’t know and don’t know that I really DON’T want to go back after baby….but we’ll see)
I’ll blog about sweet, crazy, zany Denver…but I will also blog about "TTC". (Sorry, had to do it!) The ups and downs…the emotions, the HAPPY times and the not so happy – lets hope for ONLY HAPPY though!

Much Love to ALL!


Liz said...

2009 is the year for the babies!!!!
Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Our dream come true :) Praying for a sweet, perfect little baby to come SOON. Love you. Thank you for being a rock for me through this past week.



Lauren said...

Do yourself a favor and go to
They are hospital grade, and very sensitive. It will save you a lot of money.

Wilson Family said...

YEAH FOR ANOTHER BABY WAKIN!!! I pray that you get pregnant today! So try today! :) Right when you get home! :)

Stacy Ann said...

Yippiee!!! So awesome!! Hopefully things work out for ya. ;) Y'all are trying for one and we're trying to avoid another one right now! :) December 30th is a GREAT birthday!!

Anonymous said...

ONE MORE DAY...ONE MORE DAY...ONE MORE DAY...UNO MAS DIA...UNO MAS DIAN...UNO MAS DIA...can you tell I'm a teeny bit excited?! Thursday 9:30 pressure sweet baby! :0)