Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not much to say

OK, first look at my boys!!!

I really don't have much of an update for you at all. Things have been boring around the house. - This is of course other than my new tile! It looks so good! I love it so much. It is like a brand new house. Once everything is back in place and lookin good, I will take pictures.
Seriously...Thats all I got for now. I'm super tired and just counting down the days till Friday...when Jason and I go to TUCSON!!! YAY! Just a little weekend get-a-way!


Lauren said...

Everyone can always use a little weekend away... you can use the time to work on your family planning. *wink*

Have fun!

I tell you what, we could sure use another child for the deduction!

Anonymous said...

Have fun!!! Those pictures are soooo cute!