Monday, April 20, 2009

My Weekend

Jason and I went to Tucson for the weekend. It was FAB-U-LOUS! Even thought it was only 2 days long, it felt like a vacation, and I came back rested. The weather was perfect, we got upgraded from a King Room to a Hacienda!!! (A little condo) - and had a great (free) dinner at Bob's - and sat on the AMAZING patio! We stayd at the Omni Resort in Tucson. Check it out here.
A few pictures for your viewing pleasures!
Our little home...

Jason being a goofball...what else is new.

Pretty Scenery!

Jason shirtless...with our view
From Tucson

At Dinner

We are nerds...

Gods work is AMAZING, isn't it?

It was such a great, relaxing trip. We took a short little hike on Saturday - then we layed by the pool for the rest of the day. It was about 87 degrees - it got up to 95ish on Sunday! SAturday night we went to eat and then just sat out on our patio and hung out, enjoying the weather! Sunday we got up and made our kitchen and enjoyed our coffee. We then decided to take a trip to MT. Lemmon. IT was about 45 minutes away but an amazing drive. It went up a mountian where a little ski town was. IT was so weird to go from 90 degrees to 60 degrees...there was still a little snow left at the top. Weird, but it was great! A very relaxing drive.
We came home Sunday night. Got in about 10 and when we got home, Denver was waiting on us. Wired! HA! I thought he would never go to sleep. He went strait to our bags to see what we brought him home. How do kids do that? How do they automatically know?
It was so great to be home!


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love Arizona and can't wait to go back!!! There's nothing like the ruggedness and fresh air! Love u

Misty said...

love the pics!!! i'm glad you blogged today...i had a dream with you and Jess in it! although it wasn't a good dream (saddie!) was one of those weirdo dreams. all i recall was you and i were dressed and had really pretty (matching? but different colored jewels??) sandals on, and then next thing i know you fell over some smooth stones (why you were walking there i don't know since it was in a fountain-ish gardeny thing...) and you fell forward and hit your nose on this pointy arrow deal that was (decoration?) in the area...??? what????? weird, like i said! anyway you broke/cut your nose super bad and i saw blood. Jess was all over you to help in a flash, i was behind and ran up on the scene. i woke up after that!! :D hahah! so i'm glad ya'll had a fabulous weekend, it looks so grand. maybe there is another member of your family now heehee! :D i'm hyper...home watching over my sleeping boy. ttyl <3!!

Stacy Ann said...

How fun!! Those are some great pics! Get those vacations in while you can! :)