Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Goin' on?!

So – I have not mentioned the whole “trying” thing again since I said we were. Not for any reason in particular, only because I find myself wanting to keep a little more quiet about it. I keep thinking to myself, “What if it takes a year…or TWO even” or what happens if I CAN’T get pregnant again. I mean I do have several risk factors that make me high risk, and make trying a little trickier. So, with that said…THAT is why I haven’t updated. I am not upset about it yet, and I am actually just fine. I know that it is only a 30% chance that you will conceive on any given month, and to put it in one word, it is a MIRACLE that women do become pregnant. I mean think about it. A BABY is growing inside of my sweet friend Jessy’s belly. Whoa! That’s amazing.
– Denver, who is 3 now was in my belly for 37 weeks. He grew arms and fingernails, and his cute little lips. I mean really, it’s a MIRACLE!

Anyway, on another note, I’m currently at work. The cooks who work mornings to set up the kitchen are here. They made me some sort of Mexican breakfast burrito – it sounds good, but…….. Then they brought me a glass of milk with chunky bananas in it. I swear I almost threw up right there. But I didn’t I just smiled real big and said GRACIAS!!!!!
Nice guys! They like to give food to people.
Work, well work - is - work. I have learned that I work for an egotistical, arrogant, SINGLE – 40-something, my way or the highway, heartless, boss. Long story short, he is single, 40-something and work is his life. He works All the time. No kids, no pets, no girl...or man in his life. So here is me, with a heart at home, and a precious 3 year old that I am missing out on growing up. I ask off for a doctors appointment for Denver. Mind you, I only had to leave about 45 minutes early from work for it. He didn't like that so much. I didn't have childcare on day - so I could not work....NOT HAPPY.
The last thing that just made me loose MOST if not ALL respect was after Denver's dr appointment. The doc told me he wanted to do another MRI on Denver's little head. I went to work the next day to tell him I would need the entire day off. The appointment is at like 5 AM and Denver will be sedated, so he will need recovery time and I will NOT leave him. After I told him, hey I need June 12th off (a Friday - and plenty of notice) he says "WHHHHYYYY???" Well, Denver has to get an MRI that day.
His response? Well, it was not, Oh, ok that is totally fine or is everything ok??? NO - here is his EXACT response......
Then nothing, no "kidding" no "but you can have it off" - NOTHING. It made me so mad, and so upset - that just confirmed that I will not be going back to work - at least for him when/if I have a baby.
I mean, who says that?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!?
Ok, that is my rant for the day, I'm done. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Well I don't care how single or childless he happens to be, any common idiot knows what an MRI is and should know not to react that way! That's my take on his reaction. Have a compassion, even if you do hate children for some reason.

I love Finlei! She misses one else sings to her! I try but she doesn't like my singing as much. :) We will be coming home as soon as Lauren has Noah. We are hoping Heidi has Zoie by then too, so we can see both. :) B has three interviews this week...pray for us!!!

Love you Wow that was loooong comment!

Anonymous said...

OH and hang in there! I know it will happen!!! Keep trying in the meantime :)

Lauren said...

He is starting to sound like a lawsuit to me.......

Keep your head up know who you are working for.


What a butthole!!!

Mel said...

I hope you gave him a dirty look back! What a jerk! I see why he is alone. He should stay that way.