Friday, June 26, 2009

Change is gonna Come!

For a while now I have had this weight on my heart. I was “happy” at my job, however I got nothing from it. It was boring, slow and some of the people I work with are just not that wonderful. It is the kind of work that I wanted to do – but not the environment I needed to be in. For several months I have wanted to stay at home with Denver. Especially since he is having so much more fun, learning things everyday – and kindergarten will be here all to soon. Earlier last week I told Jason my thoughts and feelings. He is the greatest husband EVER. He is always so supportive – no matter what I say. (ok….not “No Matter”) I told him that I would like to find a part time job – or be a sub at my church Child Development Center. This way I could be home with Denver more, and still get out of the house. All while taking Denver with me. We prayed about it, and Jason said “well, do some research, see what you can find” – and I did. The next day I emailed the director of the CDC at my church and she said she had one part time position available and its mine! Wow, how good is God to provide like that? So, I am leaving my full time gig at Bob’s as their Private Event Coordinator and moving on to being a Stay at Home Mommy, and part time 3-year old teacher!!! I gave my notice yesterday after a VERY LOOONG week of trying. My nerves and anxiety were about to go haywire!
I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to take D to the park and to the train and play play play!!!!! YAY!!!!

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Betsy said...

Can we play together? We seriously miss you!