Friday, June 26, 2009

5 Years!

So for starters, I obviously am very much in love with my husband, Mr. Jason Wakin. From the day we met, we were inseperable. In our first year of dating, we were together pretty much everyday. He asked me to marry him a year to the date of our first date (August 19, 2002), and we were married 10 month later on June 26, 2004!

He is my man. My love. My friend. My support. My everything.

Jason is exactly what I need to complete me. He is all I could ask for in a life long partner. Friend. Husband.

This day FIVE years ago, we said our vows to each other. The vows that we personally wrote and meant from deep within our hearts. We continue to live those vows, and love each other more everyday. He is so helpful, caring, thoughtful, loving, funny, handsome, smart, inventive, totally annoying sometimes.....

and my best friend.

I don't know what I would do without him. I am so glad God saw fit to bring us together.

Jason is a wonderful father.
When he is home, he IS home.

He's a dad.

He's a husband.

I know how real his love for us is. He is truly amazing! God knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and HE is always a wonderful father.

And Jason is.
A wonderful father.
A wonderful husband.

Happy 5th Anniversary baby. I love you. So So Much!


Kate N Jason said...

Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful couple ya'll make!

Anonymous said...

Happy versary!!!! Love you both so, so much!