Monday, June 29, 2009


Is it just me, or am I getting old? I mean, where is that fearless 18 year old girl full of spunk, and energy?

We went to the lake yesterday with Karen & Jason. It was good times. I drove the jetski....fairly fast and played on the shore with D.

The part that brought this realization to me was when we put the tube on the back. Let me tell you. When I was younger and we would go to the lake every Labor Day with the family...I would ride that tube like crazy. "FASTER FASTER!!!"

This time, not so much. As sweet as Jason was to "drive carefully" I was scared out of my mind. "SLOWER SLOWER!!!" I was holding onto that tube for dear life. My body aches a little too. (Thats a whole other post of old age)

Jason threw me off the tube. It hurt. I think I was like an oblonged rock skipping the water. I did about 3 flips until I finally landed, and about lost my bathing suit bottoms! WHOA!

We got to the shore and I looked at Jason and said "What happene to me? - That was scary!"

10 years ago, I could have done that with one hand tied behind my back and blindfolded. This time...his responce? "Life's changed..."

How ture is that. Not only has life changed SO MUCH in 10 years, I actually pay attention to life. I watch the news and hear all the scary things that happen everyday, and think...

Wow, that is freaky.

THAT could happen to anyone. I actually have someone, something else to worry about and to put before myself.......than me. Imagine that.

Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't go all sissy on you. I can still hold my own and plan to try and liven things up a bit in my life. I don't want to be somefearful, scared, freaked out mom who doesn't do anything fun. That is totally not me. And those that know me....KNOW that.

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Stacy Ann said...

I hear ya! :) I tried to climb a tree recently and was like, "whoa, that was way harder than I remember it being!"