Tuesday, July 14, 2009

COL-LOOOO-RAAA-DOOOO, here we come!!!

I am so excited. I am like a little kid every year around this time. It's Colorado time!!!! Yaaaay!!
We depart Thursday (night) and will drive all night until we arrive in Castle Rock to visit Jason's brother and his wife, Megan. She is about 8 and 3/4 months pregnant, so I hope to become an aunt while we are there!!!!
From there we will head up the mountain to Winter Park!
So, as in tradition...here is WHY I LOOOOVE Colorado!

First and formost, the obvious! Look at that beauty!

I love that it brings our family together - every year like this!

I Love the adventure!

The fact that Denver Already Loves Colorado!

I love the weather.
I love the drive up there, in the middle of the night with my 2 favorite guys.
I love the drive up the mountian and the streams and waterfalls.
I love the smell.
The weather (did I already say that, because the weather is so perfect!)
I love the little town.

We will be there for 10 days, and I can not wait! I am so excited to get up there.
I'll be sure to post when we return!


Liz said...

Lucky! Enjoy the weather! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Can't I come with you? I am sooooooo over stupid Texas summer heat! And why, just why do we have to be breaking heat records the summer I am pregnant?! I miss my friend :0( Finlei misses you singing to her...no one else does. I try but she doesn't like it very much. I am staying up there for a week in August so we an hang for sure all week! And you won't have to work at that stinky old job!!!


Im jealous!!! Have fun :)

Mel said...

It is not nice to go up there and leave us with 105 degrees!!!! Have fun not sweating!