Monday, September 7, 2009

Just so you know...

I know some of you know about my other blog "Road To San-Ann-Tone" but for those that do not, check it out. It is my musings on traing for a marathon - and fundraising at the same time. Happy - sad - funny - amusing.... Whatever!!!




Anonymous said...

I have always LOVED reading about your training and runs! You inspire many sweet friend. I love you so much and that sweet, adorable boy of yours. :0) I am hoping to see you today!

Paige's Petals said...

Hi Katy! I have had a blog for several years and just love it, but most of all I love the people who blog. I have found such strong Christians who have supported me and my family through our difficult times. To this day they have never met me, but they feel like life long friends. I was just chatting with your dad here in the office (I took Marilyn's place and we have not officially met.) I just found out about Denver and your efforts. First of all you have my prayers and support. I just wanted to connect to you via my blog. As a mom, my heart hurts for all of you. Just know you have a new friend who cares.

In His Grip,
Paige Easterling