Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruby Winter

Her name is Ruby Winter... I call her Winter for short. Isn't she a looker?
We sold the Xterra (Black Beauty) beacause we had an OUTRAGEOUS monthly payment on it. She was definately a good one though. I was pretty sad to see the ol' Xterra go. But I welcomed with open arms, my new car...WITHOUT a car payment!!
Yep, thats right, we paid cash on this baby!!! AND we sold the Xterra in just a short weekend... it would have been much faster but it was over Labor Day, so everything took a little longer! Praise God for that!
Congrats to my dear friend, Jessica. Her baby girl Addyson arrived Friday the 11th!!!


Anonymous said...

She is such a beaut! I am so happy/proud that you got rid of that car payment! I bet that feels great! Love you sweet friend.

Chelsey said...

yeah for a new car.. and no car payment!! I love those kind of cars :)