Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall & Giving Thanks

So many things to be thankful for!
First I never have posted my "I Heart Fall" post.
I'm loving the fall weather! It's been just beautiful! In my opinion it couldl be a little colder -possibly with snow, but who asked me!!??
I love the smell of fall. I love the smell of the first fireplace burning! It makes me so excited for the holidays!
I love the family time that fall and the holidays bring!
Denver will actually ASK to go play outside rather than tell me it's too hot to go out.
I love love love the season fall brings. The holiday season. I've been listening to Christmas music since July and I'm FINISHED Christmas shopping! (ok, there are a few stragling items - but 97% finished)
I love that I am about to run my 3rd 1/2 marathon in honor if my NF Hero, Denver. And I'll keep doing that until there is a cure!
I'm so thankful and blessed with such a great family. The kind of family you see on TV and want to be like.
I'm thankful for the friends in my life. The kind of people that are just good and dependable. They are full of love. Full of support, no matter what. Young and old. Near and far.
I'm thankful for Jasons job and how it has allows me to stay home more and take Denver to work with me - part time!
I'm so very greatful for my awesome husband. He is so wonderful and my life would be nowhere near complete without him in it.
I'm thankful for the second little man in my life - Denver. He is my joy. My smiles. My song.
He can light up a dark room with his laugh. He can turn your frown upside down.

Stay tuned for more...

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Chelsey said...

I LOVE the holiday season.. but it wont be the same without you in the office across from me this year :(