Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Confessions...

All mom's have their fears. The fears that you might not know how to change a baby's diaper right, or those fears that I'd rather not mention...those irrational fears that only a mom could imagine happening.
I've got mine for having a 2nd child. A little nervous of the sleepiness... I'm a little scared that I'll have no idea of what to do with a GIRL! how to fix her hair... keep her "clean" (diaper area) (Boys are just so easy)
How to play with dolls, barbies, American Girl...things... Geez!
I'm sure I'll manage....but it'll certainly be interesting.
With Denver my fears were those of any first time mom. WHAT DO I DO WITH A BABY!?!?!
He won't stop crying.... What does he WANT!?!?!
A few of my fears came true. Once I left Denver in the car. At a gas station. I totally forgot he was back there, and just went right in. I was only gone a minute or 2, bu I got in, buckled up and heard him make a little noise, and HOLY COW! I freaked!!! What kind of mother was I?!?! Leaving a 6 month old baby in the car!!!!
Another time, I actually locked him in the car with my keys....again at a gas station. He was happy, had his juice and loved the kind firemen who came to break into my car. :-)
Once, I was so frustrated that I had no idea what to do with him. He was screaming. Wouldn't eat, sleep, play, walk...NOTHING. So, I calmly put him in his bed, and walked outside and closed the door behind me. I may have screamed a little, but it definitely helped.

all in All we made it through. He's fine. I'm fine... and we're all happy. All you new moms out there and mom's to be, you're not alone. Those crazy thoughts, and feelings are totally normal!
Take a deep breathe and breathe! It'll all be fine.


Anonymous said...

Ok, did B call you yesterday?! Because this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I had...let's just say a MELTDOWN. She wouldn't stop fussing/screaming/crying literally ALL afternoon. So finally after I was on the verge (after a 15 minute scream fest) I called B and told him to get home and take this baby away from my sight. It made me sad, but I needed him to just pick her up and let me feel like I could have a little break. Of course as soon as she saw daddy, she smiled and laughed...

I can't wait for you to have a daughter too! You will be a natural, just like with D.

Misty said...

so glad that all mom's go thru the same things! :O) i told you Cash got locked in the car w/the keys in it at hulen mall in december, right? lol he was happy, just wondering why his daddy and mommy were standing outside and we weren't going home! i called 911 and the fire truck came and Jon was so embarrassed :O) i have several times had to lay Cash (as the baby) down and leave the room cuz i was "at that point"....i think most mom's get to that point and if they say they have never then they may possibly be lying! lol love you Katy, you are going to be awesome with a little girl! little mini-'you' running around :O)