Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on Denver.

Well, if you haven't heard... The surgery was a no-go.
After a long morning of prepping, consoling Denver, taking blood, crying, giving anaesthesia, and praying... The surgeon; Dr. Hubli and the anesthesiologists; Dr. G ...(I'm not even going to attempt to spell his name) took me to a private area to go over Denver's blood results. Although he looked to be healthy in every other aspect, there was one level that was abnormally high. His alkaline phosphatase level was over 5 times what it should be. (should be in the LOW double digits and Denver's level was over 1000)
The ALP blood level in most cases has something to do with liver function or in the bone. Now, it is very possible that the tumor in question is growing on his cranium, and this could be the cause of the high levels.
Another case could be that Denver is going through a growth spurt and that has caused the levels to rise. - In this case, it still seems that his level was still abnormally high.
The fact that all of his other levels were normal is a relief. If they were to be to high, or to low, it could be an alarm for other issues.
The Dr's kept saying that the surgery could still be done, and that it's "probably" nothing... but neither one of them wanted to proceed with it, and wouldn't. Dr. Hubli said to us that he is doing what he would want done for his family. I can not be more thankful for these two men. I know it is their job, but they could have just gone along and done the surgery.
Another great doctor, Dr. Frank McGehee is Denver's pediatrician and said that this was God's answer that this was not the right time for surgery. I am thankful for a Dr that says that. That believes in the power of prayer and shares that with his patients. We could not have gone wrong in choosing him.
I am so thankful for your prayers. I believe they were answered. I believe that this surgery was not supposed to happen at this time, and that God has his perfect plan for us. I know that God was watching over Denver Thursday and even if his blood results were a fluke... they were a fluke for a reason.
So..what's next, you may ask? We have already seen Denver's pedi. He went over the best and worst case scenario's of what could be. Some a relief and some that scare the... everything out of me. He has ordered more blood test. The same that Denver got in the hospital, plus a few extras. We will go back for these test on Tuesday and should have the results back by Wednesday.
Of course, your continued prayers are still appreciated. I feel comfort in how things are going, and I continue to trust God in what he is doing.
I'll update as I know things.

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