Sunday, May 16, 2010

Denver's 4!!!???

So much has happened since the last post it seems.
I'll start with Denver's birthday. I had planned to post a birthday post about how I cant believe how time has just flown by and blah blah blah...but we'll just smash everything into one.
We had his birthday party last Saturday. He had a blast, and the bouncy house was a much better success than last years bouncy house... Last years bouncy house was the result of last minute ordering of whatever they had left. Ending in a big scary man on it... Nuff said... We wont go there.
This year I was sure to order early enough to get the "Cars" bouncy house Denver wanted. SUCCESS!!!
Here are a few pictures.

Next came mothers day. We all had a great day celebrating my mom... and of course I enjoyed being pampered.
Denver is the joy of my life and brings a smile (or a THOUSAND smiles) to my face everyday. He is one amazing kiddo. (and of course, Jason did a great job in showing me how much they care!
Thanks boys. I love you!!!

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