Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brita's "Crib"

Get it... like MTV... Cribs.... except it's Brita's Crib. and a baby crib...? Yes, I'm dumb.
Anyhow, without further adue... here is Brita's Nursery.

A few shots of the crib and bedding. I bought this A LONG time ago, in hopes that I would one day have a baby girl to use it for. So exciting to see it put together!
I made the mobile. and Got the cute tree limb decal from

The changing table and a little extra corner of er room. My sister made the little pink chair with her name on it. Well, not the chair, but she decorated it. I got the pictures from etsy.
The rocking chair (that I LOVE) and table. Got the cute "B" lamp from Kirkland's one day. The shelfs are old ones we had laying around and we painted them. The cute ABC sign has her name on it. I got the idea from and instead of spending $50 to buy one, I made this one for about $10 or less.
Here are a few closeups of the decor on the walls and a few extra things.

Her bag is packed and ready to go to the hospital! Mine isn't, but heck, if I go into labor before July 6th (impending c-section date) I will not care one bit what I have!

I'll be sure and post updates if I have any. We are so excited to meet out little Brita girl!


Liz said...

I love it! So elegant and feminine! So sweet! Excited for you!


love it! Wish I could see that cute little belly of yours in person :)

Anonymous said...

Love everything!!! Looks great! WE can't wait to meet Addy's BFF. ;)

Misty said...

LOL you make me laugh!!! the 'crib' looks awesome! :) Can't wait to meet sweet Brita! love you lots friend!

Laura said...

I love the nursery! Wish I was there to see her when she makes her entrance into the world!