Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Post and Run - Full Term!!!

Holy Cow - this Saturday I will be FULL TERM, and let me tell you...I AM READY!!!
So, I've gotta go celebrate my sisters new job (!!!!) with dinner, but here is a quick update!
Pregnancy: 36 weeks... um.. 4 days.. (?)

Weight Gain: 20 pounds total

Sleep: Please whats that?

Gender: Girl

Name: Brita Anne

Feeling: Ready. Anxious. Excited. I am really hoping that she decides to come earlier than my July 6th c-sec appt!

Health: So far, The doc's say I'm great and Brita is growing like a champ! She is already (well, was 3 weeks ago) BIGGER than Denver when he was born!

Movement: She doesn't stop... I thought she was out of room, but apparently she wants to continue to find that extra little space.

Belly: BIG.

Next Appointment: Tuesday. With both my OB and the High Risk doc for a growth scan. Will update after that!!

I'll also get some pictures of her nursery posted next week. We are JUST ABOUT done... a few more finishing touches!

Here is a pic taken today. Sorry, it was field trip day at work and we were at the pool all day...Thats why I may look a little.... um, tired.

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Misty said...

you look AWESOME!! i love you and i can't believe how long your hair is!! i don't remember ever seeing it this long :O) can't wait to meet little Brita!!