Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm not sure if I actually wished anyone a Happy New Year! If I did, pardon my repitition.... BUT, HAPPY NEW YEAR.
2011 is sure to be an awesome year, with SO many changes. I am excited, nervous, anxious about all of them.
The biggest one of the changes is this baby boy....
I dont mean like preschool, Pre-K or any sort of day-care-mothers-day-out-I'm-right-down-the-hall-from-him kind of school.... I mean KINDERGARTEN!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! How is that possible?? In just 7 short months I will drop my baby boy off with hundreds of complete strangers, and LEAVE him there!! HOLY COW!! How am I going to do this. I am already having anxiety attacks just thinking about it.
I called The Academy at Nola Dunn today to schedule a tour of the school. I'd really like to get D into that school, if possible. I hear *great* things. (Thats not the point...)
But when I hung the phone up, it hit me..... He is really going to Kindergarten this year. Ouch on me.
I will have to prepare myself for this just as much we have to prepare him. Poor guy... (really,poor me....)

Ugh! Thats all....


Lauren said...

Oh Katy....

He's going to love and you're going to realize that you love it too.

It's so fun to be surprised by your child. Breleigh came home this week and said "non-Fiction gives us facts and information." I laughed my head off. :)

Angela said...

Hi, Katy! I am Lauren's friend, and I am loving your blog! My oldest is starting kindergarten in the fall, too! *sniff*
I also ran the Disney 5K this month! My hubby ran it w me (while he pushed our 4-yr-old in the stroller) and then he ran the half marathon the next day.
Nice to "meet" you! :)